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Winter Home Care Tips

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Add a splash of color to your walls

Winter is the perfect time to start fixing things up inside your home as many of us try and avoid the cold air outside! Here are some ideas that you can use to keep your home looking nice.

Inspect and touch up interior paint:

Let the inner artist come out of you and add a splash of color to your walls to add some personality to your home. If you want to stick with white walls, it is nice to touch them up and make your home brighter with a new coat of paint.

Professionally clean curtains and drapes:

As we all know, dust accumulates over time. Cleaning your curtains and drapes can freshen up your home. Don't have time to send to the cleaners? Just take them down, shake them, and clear the dust from the air.

Professionally clean carpet and/or wax & buff wood floors:

Over time, you may have a spill here or there on your carpet so getting it professionally cleaned will brighten up your rooms and make it seem more open. Waxing or buffing the wood floors will make the floor look shiny and brand new! Don't have time for a professional cleaning? Set aside time to do spot cleaning on your carpet.