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White Walls After Labor Day?

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This fall, consider updating your walls with new paint! It’s time to ditch the eggshell white and go for something you love. Our friends at Zaarly have some tips so that you end up with a color you’ll like for years to come.

Start with one small area

If you aren’t sure about a color, think small. Start with one accent wall in a room or a nook in your home. Sit with the color for a few weeks, and see if you still like it as much as the day you saw it.


Remember mood rings? They told you what mood you were in based on the color of the ring. You want the colors of your walls to reflect the mood you want to be in. In your bedroom, you’ll want to stick with calm, peaceful colors. In the kitchen, bright and lively colors work best.


When it comes to lighting, remember these three rules:

  • Natural daylight will show the most accurate color.
  • Incandescent lights bring out warm tones and yellows.
  • Fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone.


When choosing a color, it’s important to see how your rooms flow together. You want to avoid making drastic changes in color from one room to the next, especially when those rooms are not sectioned off.

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