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Do These 5 Things Before Painting Your Home

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You’ve made the decision to paint your home exterior! Having your home painted can feel overwhelming, but our friends at Zaarly have shared a few tips from their top painters that will guarantee a flawless paint job.

Here are 5 tips Zaarly painters recommend before you paint your home exterior:

  1. Prune bushes and trees away from your house.Take care of the small stuff yourself, but consider hiring an arborist to trim your beautiful Douglas Fir.
  2. Clear away your favorite things from your house: wind-chimes, potted plants and patio furniture. Your painter will thank you for not having to tiptoe around your outdoor treasures.
  3. Check for external damage. If you have dry-rot, peeling stucco or other wood damage, repair it before painting. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your money and creating a bigger headache later.
  4. On paint day, make sure your painter has access to the property (front and back) and access to water and power for power washing. This may seem obvious, but it’s a common frustration!
  5. Close your windows, and keep the kids and pets inside. Again, sounds like common sense, but your kitty that got a stripe of white paint on his tail asked us politely to remind you.

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