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Pet Home Maintenance List

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Whether you are just starting the process of adopting your new family member or your four-legged friend has been a part of your family longer than your oldest child, there are things to keep up when it comes to your home and your pet(s).

Keep Your Floors Clean

A quick wet mop (like a Swiffer) can do wonders for controlling pet-hair. Be sure pet food is cleaned up every day, it can attract pests.


If you have a pet, you are going to become best friends with your vacuum. Look for a vacuum that specifically works with pet hair. You’ll also want one with attachments to vacuum furniture. Sprinkle baking powder when you are vacuuming to help with odor control.

Change your Filters More Often

If have multiple pets it’s a good idea to check your filters once a month to assess how often you have to change them. Homeowners with multiple pets or long-haired pets will have to change filters more often.

Use Mats

You’ll want a good, sturdy welcome mat wherever your dog is coming in or out of the house. Pick mats that can be washed easily. Have a cat? Be sure that there is a mat outside the litter box so your cats don’t track litter through your house.

Keep a Quick Absorbing Towel Near Entry Doors

Muddy paws are going to happen. Have an absorbent towel ready-available at every entry door to your home to wipe down muddy paws.

Wash Your Linens - Often

If your pets are allowed on your bed, you will need to wash your linens at least once a week (more if you have multiple pets or long-haired pets). You can use a vacuum attachment to vacuum comforters in between washing them.

Consider an Air Purifier

There are lots of great, stand alone air purifiers that might help clean your air a little bit more.

Use a Squeegee

Squeegees (like the kind to wash windows with) are a great tool in gathering pet hair. Just drag across your carpet (toward you) and watch all of the pet-hair you couldn’t see come to the surface. This works particularly well on stairs and corners of your room.

Have your Curtains Professionally Cleaned

Once a season it’s a great idea to have your window treatments cleaned. Pet hair does only land on the floor.

Dryer Sheets for Baseboards

Dryer sheets are great at catching pet-hair that sticks to baseboards and other harder-to-clean surfaces. Just run a dryer sheet over the area giving you trouble and it will pick up pet-hair like a magnet!

Your furry friends might mean a little extra work around the house, but we promise it’s all worth it for the joy they bring into your home.

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