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Fall Home Care Tips

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The fall season is here, but before you know it the cold winter will approach! Here are some home care ideas to focus on during the fall season.


The leaves are beginning to fall so this is the perfect time to clean your gutters, inspect the downspouts, and clear them of any items that have fallen down into them.

Check for Drafts:

With the winter season approaching, cooler temperatures will begin to roll in. Checking for drafts along the edge of windows, doors, and molding will help keep you warmer and keep your utility bills down, as the winter approaches.

Humidifier Maintenance:

It is a good idea to clean and adjust the humidifier on the furnace. You can replace the old filters or soak the interiors with un-distilled white vinegar and scrub them with a soft brush.Click here to learn more about the Home Warranty Plus Program with A.B. May and see what they have to offer for home warranties.