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How Dog-Friendly is your Lawn?

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Thinking through your landscaping plan might be a little different if you have a dog. You want a space that you love and that is a functional space for your four-legged-friend. You’ll want to stay away from surfaces that get too hot, shrubbery that can scratch and small stones or pebbles that can get stuck in paws.

The landscapers at Zaarly have a few more tips for a dog-friendly lawn.

Consider Adding a Water Source

It’s important to keep your dog hydrated. You can do this in style by adding a water source in your garden. There are a lot of possibility and a landscaper can help you decide what would work best for your space. You can also do things like add a fountain or freshwater pond.

Include Paths in Your Landscape Design

Give your dog a chance to be the hero they are. Dogs like to patrol. Paths can be a great way for your dog to explore and protect you from the evils of squirrels. Your landscaper will know how to make any pathways paw friendly.

Provide Shade

Did you know that dogs can get a sunburn and can get sick from too much sun? You’ll want to have places your furry friend can cool down in your yard. This can be anything from a large tree to a doghouse. Your Zaarly landscaper can brainstorm ideas to keep your dog cool that fit in with your lawn aesthetic.

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