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Carpet Cleaning 101

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Professional carpet cleaning

Your carpet gets a lot of wear, especially during the winter. Don’t you wish you could make all those spots magically disappear? Before you reveal your steam cleaner and carpet foam, check out these tips from our friends at Zaarly:

Read the instructions.

If you’re going to clean your own carpets, be sure to follow the instructions on the detergent and on the steam cleaner first. If you don’t, you could void your carpet’s warranty. Not to mention cause some fading or unraveling.

Take your time.

The secret to a good carpet cleaning job is taking the time to do it well. Give detergent a few minutes to sit on the carpet and work in. Soak up any excess moisture with a towel; over-saturated carpet fibers can cause mildew growth.

You need power.

The reason so many homeowners seek professional carpet cleaning services is that most rental carpet cleaning machines don’t have an extractor with the right suction power to get the job done well. A weak extractor leaves soap deep in your carpet fibers, which collects dirt and makes your carpet dirtier, faster. Look for a two-stage or three-stage motor. Three-stage has more suction power.

Your reward for doing it right? A longer-lasting carpet. If you don’t have time, you can always count on a professional with commercial-grade equipment to make the magic happen.

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