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8 Ways to Stay Organized with a Home Search

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Young couple searching for home on iPad.

Shopping for a new home? Here are 8 easy tips for staying organized.

Find a good realtor

A good realtor will help you keep track of your likes and dislikes, as you move through each property. She can also point out features you didn’t notice. (ReeceNichols has an experienced realtor in almost every neighborhood in Kansas City.)

Make a list of your top 10 priorities—before you start

Give these to your realtor, to help guide your search. It could be anything from “need attached garage” to “3 bedrooms” to “within 5 miles of the Plaza.”

Set up a Home Match account

This free tool will help you save properties, do custom searches, and get email alerts on your favorite properties—all from your Smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Print out the MLS listings before you go

Your realtor can help you print out the MLS listings of every property you’ll visit. This gives you important info on the home’s cost, size, location, and number of bedrooms before you start the tour.

Bring a folder

Put everything in 1 folder as you drive from home to home. Include your lists, searches, notes, etc.

Take notes

As you visit each property, jot down notes on the MLS printout to “jog your memory” later (for example, “finished basement with cute pink carpet” or “blue hot tub on back patio” or “big oak tree on front lawn”).

Start a Pinterest board

Pin photos from ReeceNichols.com of the homes you tour on a Pinterest board, where you can also share them with family, friends, or a far-away spouse. Or start a board with favorite home styles to share with your real estate agent.

Keep a running list of “pros” and “cons”

Jot down 1-2 pros and cons of every home you visit—either on the MLS printout, or a separate list. This helps take some of the emotion out of your final decision.

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