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September Home Maintenance List

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September Home Maintenance List

Before the temperature starts dropping, you’ll want to make sure you do these four things to get your house ready for fall!

Heating System Checkup

Have your heating system checked by a licensed heating service provider. Heating systems will use fuel more efficiently, last longer and have fewer problems if properly serviced. Have your system checked before the temps drop — the worst time to find out you have a problem is the first freeze.

Recommended: Top Notch Heating and Cooling

Test Alarms:

Change the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon dioxide detector. Be sure to test them after you change the batteries.

Check for Cracked Windows:

Check all windows for any cracks and basement windows for any drafts.

Recommended: Diligent Windows

Change your Filters:

Air filters should be changed out seasonally (consider changing them more often if you have pets or family members with seasonal allergies). Have your furnace filter changed out as well. Josh Lansdale, owner of Maid Exclusive in Kansas City had this great tip on something to look out for when it comes to the health of your furnace:

“Something we look for while cleaning homes is dirt and dust build-up on the edges of the carpet. This is a clear indication that the furnace filter needs to be changed. We always inform our clients on what we find, especially this because it can stain the carpet and the dust is not being trapped by a filter.” - Josh Lansdale

Recommended: Air Unlimited Heating and Cooling

Caulk and Seal:

Caulk around windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping. Check around your foundation for any cracks as well as where any pipes come into the house.

Recommended: Sealed for foundation cracks.


Check for bare wood, peeling or blistering paint. If you see bare wood, it needs to be covered, and it’s time to paint it. Otherwise, the wood will end up rotting.

Recommended: 4 Corners Painting

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