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Create a New “Mood” for Your Home with Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

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Neutral living room with Greenery color accents

Have you ever thought about changing the “mood” of your home to be more playful, warm, earthy, friendly? A quick way to do that is by incorporating one to three colors from a new color palette using accent pieces—without changing the neutral background colors of your walls or floors.

This year, Pantone released its new 2017 Color of the Year—“Greenery”—and it’s a remarkably versatile color for decorating your home. By adding a few pillows, towels, place settings, vases, wall hangings or throw rugs in one of these color families, you can instantly transform the mood of your kitchen or main living area.

Moody Blooms

If you’d like to brighten up your space with a fun, floral touch, then try mixing the 2017 “Greenery” color with one to two colorful accent colors like Scarlet Ibis, Red Dahlia, or Pink Yarrow.

Forest Floor

Invite the outdoors in!  Create a relaxed, natural space by using the deep greens and purples of Moss, Willow Bough, Redwood and Grape Kiss.

Grand Canyon

Build an earthy, grounded feel with the rich, desert shades of Sheepskin, Bone Brown and Cherry Mahogany.

Rev It Up

Or, maybe you’re looking for something bolder and more energetic. The bright, jewel tones of Blazing Yellow, Orange Popsicle and Fandango make “Greenery” really pop with a playful, retro feel.

Calm It Down

Finally, you can quickly design a calmer, harmonious space by pairing “Greenery” with two to three pastel accent colors like Spa Blue, Gray Lilac or Pink Icing.

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