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May Home Maintenance Checklist

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May Home Maintenance Checklist

Things are starting to heat up in Kansas City! Is your home ready for the warm weather? We’ve got the top 5 things to put on your to-do list this month and the service experts who can help take care of them!

1. Get your Pool Ready!

It’s time to get your pool ready for summer. Be sure to book soon, so you don’t get stuck with your first pool party and a pool that isn’t ready!

Lisa Renee with Picture Perfect Pools

2. Check for Pests

Pests love warm months. Now is the time to check for signs of pests. You want to especially pay attention to any signs of burrowing in wood. Keep cobwebs clear, make sure you don’t have any standing-water issues in or outside of your home. If you have a pest problem, have an expert check it out before it becomes an out-of-control problem.

Travis Stoufer with Crosshair Professionals

3. Pressure-Wash your Home, Deck, and Walkways.

Pressure washing not only gives your home a nice clean look, but it also protects it! Want to get rid of spider eggs? Pressure washing will take care of that. Dirt, mold, mildew, soot, airborne pollutants & other contaminants can also cause damage to the surface of your home if it’s not taken care of.

Ray Morris with Arbest Tree Service

4. Clean the Garage

Garages tend to be neglected in the winter and spring. Keeping it clean will extend it’s life and help you use it for what it’s intended for. If you have run out of room, consider garage storage solutions.

Ed Jenkins with Easy Storage Solutions

5. Blockbuster Summer!

Nothing says summer like blockbusters! Are you ready to take your home audio to the next level? Finally ready to upgrade your home theater? Start summer off right.

Eric Yeager with Soudz Good

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