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April Home Maintenance Checklist

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April Home Maintenance Checklist

Is your home ready for April showers? Did you know that April and May are two of the busiest months for home repairs? Get your home ready for the warmer months! Our friends at Zaarly have five things you’ll want to do this month and the service experts that can get the job done.

Check Your Foundation.

Take a look at your foundation. You want to look for any cracks. Caulking will not cut it when it comes to cracks, you’ll want to have one of our foundation experts come take a look at it and seal up those cracks.

Rob Kramer and Mike Frey

Seal Your Concrete

Protect your driveway, garage, sidewalks and patios from water damage this spring! Concrete sealing is especially critical to preventing driveway repairs.

Scott Brewington

Have a Sump Pump Installed

Water problems in your basement? As we go into storm season, water problems are something you do not want to ignore. Water can collect in the basement for a number of reasons, and almost all of those reasons can be solved with a sump pump.

Jenny and Steve

Lawn Maintenance

It’s time to turn back on your sprinklers, trim back trees and bushes and schedule your regular lawn mowing. Now is a good time to write out what you’d like to accomplish with your lawn through the warmer months.

Caleb Kangas

Clean Your Carpets and Floors

It’s time to get rid of all of that dirt and grime collected over the winter. Cleaning your carpet and floors not only extends their life, but also helps with things like indoor allergens.

Brian Bock

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